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Jason Isaacs Icons

A home for you Jason icons.

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This little space on Livejournal is for Jason Isaacs Icons. On my look-abouts for Jason Icons, I realised that there wasn't a place for them to be called home, so ta-da, this community was born.

This community is open to everyone and anyone, feel free to join and post away.


There are not many rules, and they are not hard to follow.

{1} You can post 3 icons without a cut, any more than 3, please put behind a cut. For graphics, use your own opinion. Some people don't have fast internet connection remember!

{2} Respect your fellow members, and moderators.

{3} Do not claim icon as your own. If the person asks for credit, please give it to them. Baiscally, different icon makers also have different rules.

{4} Yes, for the moment you can post graphics you've made of Jason here. Friends only banners, wallpapers, etc, but please, put them behind a cut.

For Jason pictures & Infomation, make sure you goto isaacs_daily & isaacsanonymous.

This community is run and maintained by natatree